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When & No.. 198 in 2003 ? How to make it ? MELAKA BOLEH !

Our Mission : is a non-profit cultural organization, is incorporated to pursue the fundamental charters and resolutions adopted for the 'Preservation and Promotion of our cultural heritage, intangible or tangible, regionally and globally.. for the party states sustainable economic development, to strike a more balancing in the interest of Tourism & Preservation/Promotion Cultural Heritage..' also uphold and enhance the fundamental principles and policy of the preservation of cultural heritage in each country and region, within the context of development of environmental friendly tourism projects, where World Bank is playing a significant role with its policy of 'Tourism-Culture : Sustainable Development'. has come to the basic understanding with relevant parties for us to play a more significant role of complementary and supplementary to Malacca State Authority and Federal Government of Malaysia, in conjunction with UNESCO, OWHC and WHC efforts to nominate Melaka and Penang as candidate for the WHC.. presently only selected historical sites earmarked.. we are prepared to help, to contribute in any form, and any offer our service in term of Promotion, Marketing, Advertising, Education, Training and Funding, etc. for making our common interests of WHC a success.

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