Melaka City - World Heritage City

Melaka Jonker Street
Melaka Jln Tun Tan Cheng Lock
Melaka St Paul Hill
Melaka St Paul Hill

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Serie 5

Conceptual Plan, a bird's eye view of TC Chan :
Perspective & Overall Scenario of WHC-Melaka

MELAKA ; World Heritage City, 'WHC'
Malacca City : Member of the Organization of World Heritage City, World Heritage Committee 'WHC', UNESCO, UN.

Proclamation of Independence Memorial :
Built in 1912, the former club house of Malacca Club now houses invaluable exhibits of the country's struggle leading to the Independence. Exhibits are in the form of relics, manuscripts, video tapes, films and slides. Closed on Monday.

Chen Hoon Teng Temple :
The oldest chinese temple in the country, it was built in 1646 with materials shipped out of China. Fine workmanship is evident in the ornately decorated mythological figures, carvings and lacquer work inside the temple.

Sri Poyyatha Vinayagar Moothi Temple :
One of the first Hindu temples built in the country at the turn of the century. It was built on the plot given by the Dutch.

Serie-5 : A Bird's Eye View Of 'Malacca Super Cultural Corridor'

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